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Once Upon A Teacup LOVA Tea

The concept itself is centered on the time-honored tradition of the tea party. Women can share a pot of tea and light fare, while their little ones can join in with their “tea” (warm infused milk topped with sprinkles!) being served in miniature teacups and saucers. To enhance their experience we have our featured “Closet” a wonderland of costumes to ignite their imaginations. Playing dress-up and enjoying tea with their mommies is a wonderful way for any little one to spend their afternoon. But if you prefer spend your afternoon in different, much more exciting, way you should see this great girls from Dubai.

The Setting

The Art Nouveau inspired décor, is enhanced with hues of chocolate browns, plush royal velvets and shimmering gold. Bejeweled hand paintings and antique framed mirrors line the walls. Commune tables set at coffee table height, allow the little ones to enjoy lunching with their Mommies and encourages socialization.

The Menu

Our menu is designed to encourage the idea of sharing; scrumptious scones, delectable finger sandwiches and our signature cream puffs are all served on our three plated tiers. A wide assortment of gourmet teas and coffees, served in delicate china, enhances the experience.

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In our commitment to providing an atmosphere that fosters community among women of all ages, we offer a variety of workshops. For our youngest patrons, Mommy & me makeovers, children’s yoga and etiquette classes are among the many workshops geared to enhance the quality time spent between parent and child. For adult time, you are invited to take part in our spa parties, our book club and many other workshops to choose from.


Let us host your child’s birthday party, your best friend’s bridal shower or your sister’s baby shower! We do the invitations to the thank you cards and everything in between. There are numerous packages to choose from. All our parties can be held in either our private party room or the courtyard. Once Upon a Tea Cup is a unique destination, offering an unforgettable experience built around the idea of gathering women together and giving them a place to cultivate new friendships or enrich existing ones.

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